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Save Our Soldier was founded on the basis that human beings have the innate ability and capacity to overcome and recover from ‘life’s more difficult challenges’.  We are committed to doing our part to assist ‘former servicemen’ and women and uniformed first responders, in that endeavour, and help them move forward in ‘their’ life; to accomplish their renewed dreams and ‘future’ hopes for them.

Vizion ‘cares’ for the individuals that work with them as they have the fundamental ‘belief that allows them to’ recognise that that our success depends upon the strengths and values of ‘each of our staff’. Both recognizing that it is the individual that can make the difference, we naturally compliment each other in our respective ways of moving willing individuals onward and forward.

Save Our Soldier and Vizion recognize that it is ‘often’ the ‘motivated’ individual that can make ‘the biggest’ contribution ‘and’ we naturally complement each other in our respective ways, ‘helping to move’ willing individuals. Vizion realise the many transferable skills that lend well to this particular industry. SOS and Vizion recognise that the ‘transition’ from civilian to military back to Civilian life can ‘be’ and often is a real challenge.

Therefore, if you are ex-services 18 to 50+, are well disciplined in character and attitude, have an interest in the automotive industry and like the idea of vehicle body shop repair. ‘However’ Vizion sees the value the ‘numerous’ transferable skills that ‘uniformed personnel’ ‘possess’ and can lend well to this particular industry. Vizion would like to hear from you.

Lets learn about each other and find out if our expectations of you match your expectations of us.

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