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The AutoPortal Guidelines & Rules

Please consider these guidelines when posting a new job vacancy. This will enable for The AutoPortal to be easy for applicants to find vacancies that they are interested in.


For new job postings:

-Ensure that the Job Title is clear

-Ensure that the Job description is written in a format that is easily readable. For example, separate the sentences into paragraphs where appropriate.

-If possible, specify the deadline dates for applications in your post. All posts will be deleted after 2 months unless the deadline date for a vacancy has been specified.

-Ensure that the Job Location is filled in.


Board Rules

Please observe the following board rules for use of The AutoPortal. Failure to comply with these rules may result in the removal of job postings and membership from this website. If you have any enquiries about these rules or would like to raise an issue, please contact us at

– Strictly NO recruitment companies. Any post that is found to have been written by a recruitment company will be removed immediately.

– Any Spam or non-job-related postings will be deleted immediately and the user account will be removed.

– Abuse or foul language will not be tolerated on The AutoPortal. Any offending posts will be removed immediately with the account suspended. Any issues taking place on the Messaging system should be reported to the Admin.

– Any posts that contain website addresses of irrelevant links or other job boards will be removed.

– Vacancy postings should be removed by the poster when the vacancy has been filled. This is to prevent clutter on the boards with Vacancies which are no longer open.

– Vacancy postings will be removed when they are more than 2 Months old. However, postings that specify that the vacancy is open for a longer period will remain. You can also contact the Admin if you wish to request that the vacancy remains open longer. There is no issue with a vacancy being reposted if the position has not been filled.

– Duplicate postings will be removed.

– If a posting is removed by an Admin then the poster will be notified by private message or email with details on why the posting was removed. On agreement, the posting may be amended and returned to the board. In some cases, the admin may contact the job poster before making the decision to remove a post.

By using this site, you agree to these terms and the consequences that may occur if they are breached.


Login if you have an existing account.


– If you do not already have an account then you will need to Register for one in order to post new jobs or Apply for them.